“This Baltimore firm makes it their duty to contribute positively to the enrichment of their community and seek clients who care deeply about the quality of the spaces they inhabit. “Vibrant and fresh with modern aesthetics, EastWing is truly captivating,” says judge Kayla Cooper, founder of Kayla Cooper Design. They find inspiration in the raw, industrial forms and textures of Baltimore and strive to use conventional materials in unconventional ways. “They are birthing a unique spin on industry trends,” she says. Their expertise lies in the careful rehabilitation of historic structures and breathing new life into the forgotten details of the past, while creating architecture that looks toward the future. Each home is a celebration of the people who dwell within them. Says Cooper, “The raw talent is evident.””

“My wife Jenn and I still can’t believe that the building we now live in, is our home!

It perfectly captures our why and represents so much of who we are and more importantly who we desire to be. EastWing Architects, and Evan Wivell, are the reason behind that.

Evan was present throughout our journey and served as an inspiring guru, the technical craftsman, the sherpa to get things done, and sometimes the laggard holding things up (have to be honest here). He was an excellent companion for building our home!

In less abstract terms:
EastWing has impeccable design taste. In the short few months we have been here (moved in Sept 2022)the home has already taken people’s breath and words away, and we are still putting it together 🙂
EastWing knows how to get a project done. They shepherded us through historic design review, city permits and an arduous construction process.
EastWing is capable of building relationships. They connected and communicated with us, our builders, the tradesman and even our neighbors/friends throughout.
EastWing embraces challenges. They navigated complex situations connect 150 year old structure to brand new construction.
EastWing is human. Evan is grounded and easy to connect with. He is also building a business and at times slowed some of our ability to act. But he owned his shortcomings and never left us utterly hanging.

If I have learned nothing else through our project it is that construction, particularly of something as emotionally filled as a home, is an incredibly complex process. It is hard to imagine a better person/firm to have along for the harrowing adventure than EastWing and Evan.”

“Eastwing Architects, has been great to work with. Evan, worked with us and designed the drawings for our Café, and made a beautiful unique design for us. He was professional, courteous and very responsive. Evan, was patient with me and made as many changes I requested. I would definitely hire him again and recommend him to other family and friends.”

“I cannot recommend EastWing enough. The amount of time and effort they put into my vision was extraordinary. Evan and his team was very communicative and patient with me since this is my first business. They held my hand throughout the entire process and even provided me with a design service. I had no doubt it would be quality work and I was right. They gave me their all and it was wonderful. I want to take this time to thank EastWing again. You have my loyalty and forever support.”

Vincent Nguyen, SIP Smoothie Parlor

“We really enjoyed working with EastWing on our project, Sophomore Coffee. As our first commercial buildout, having a knowledgeable and reliable architect was incredibly vital to avoiding setbacks and finding creative solutions to the various issues we encountered. Evan brought his own passion while allowing us to maintain our vision. Professional, thorough, and polite, Evan is our guy!”

“We hired EastWing Architects because from the very first meeting Evan Wivell listened carefully, gave really creative feedback right away, and looked at our renovation in a different way than others we had met. During the planning and the remodeling of the second floor of our house, Evan proved to be attentive to detail and always full of ideas. We would highly recommend EastWing Architects.”

Bridgette Mills, Homeowner

“Evan worked closely with me to take my vision and make it a reality. Through the design process, he listened to my wants and needs for my renovation and was able to successfully fit everything in a small 12′ wide rowhome without sacrificing functionality. The existing space was built in 1919 and design had to overcome challenges of blending old with new. Evan did a fantastic job creating an open concept even with the design constraints. He worked directly with the city to get the necessary permits and helped expedite the approval process.”

Jon Hoffman, Homeowner

“Evan is a pleasure to work with. We followed his design for remodeling our kitchen & I am so pleased with how it’s turning out. Reading abstracts is new to me so I had many questions & Evan patiently answered & re-answered them. His ideas are good but if you have any concerns, he is amenable to make changes. His enthusiasm for his work makes this dreadful process almost fun!”

“Evan has been great to work with! He recently went out on his own to build his own business after years of relevant educational training and experience with larger arch. firms. Evan is very strong with all forms of communication and has been as involved as we would like all along the way. I am a stickler for attention to detail and Evan is very quick to accept and make changes if any mistakes are noticed along the way. We would highly recommend Evan for his architectural design work.”

“EastWing Design + Build has made our long distance remodel of a home in Baltimore as easy as could be imagined. Actually easier! The work that’s been done is of the finest quality and we feel very confident that the continued work they are doing will be just as wonderful. Very knowledgeable, skilled and beyond trustworthy.”