Project Types


In a city like Baltimore, adaptive reuse is everywhere – an apartment building that used to be a school, a restaurant that was originally a bank, the combinations are endless. Working within the existing fabric of a site is a challenging and exciting opportunity, and with the right designer – it can also be an incredibly rewarding one. Together, we will explore the history of the site and all the possibilities of its future.


While renovating an existing building is often the more economical and sustainable approach to construction, it is typically more complicated than starting from scratch. Every renovation presents a series of unique design challenges and we start our work with a thorough analysis of the existing structure and systems before working to transform the space for a new purpose.

We approach renovations and additions with a sense of respect for the past that will help navigate which elements of the existing building, whether structural or aesthetic, are worth preserving. Our work focuses on adapting older homes to harmoniously accommodate modern lifestyles and technology. We enjoy the complexity of this process and tailor our process to encourage you to enjoy it as well.



We revel in the opportunity to create something completely new for our clients, using our talents and technology to create a design that truly compliments your values and enhances your lifestyle. Our process starts with a thorough understanding of the people and the landscape, crafting a design that serves to connect them both.

We are particularly interested in difficult sites, non-standard building techniques, and eccentric lifestyles.


Our process starts by first listening and understanding your goals and the vision for your business. Once established, we’ll work with you to create an architectural solution that maximizes the potential of your property to reinforce your business aspirations. We strive to create memorable spaces and experiences.

We are especially interested in partnering with small-businesses and start ups to develop strategies to grow your business. As entrepreneurs ourselves, we understand the value of every dollar and will work with you to custom-tailor our services to maximize your investment. We believe in creating long term relationships and work to ensure your business grows. Our success is measured by yours.


By definition, public spaces are areas open and accessible to the general public. Just like the city has changed over time, so have these spaces, but they have remained cornerstones of the neighborhoods they are in.

As city residents, we are excited by the chance to enhance these public assets in meaningful ways. Through thoughtful research, public engagement, and iterative design, we are able to plan for the future while strengthening the historic fabric of our neighborhoods.