3531 Claremont

3531 Claremont


A two-unit residential renovation & addition at the former site of The Foam Centre, an East Baltimore institution selling “Everything from Flypaper to Flying Machines” (and, of course, Foam) that had been in continuous operation since 1934. Our design connects the historic brick end-of-row storefront with a new contemporary rear addition via a central, wood-clad stair tower. The industrial-inspired roof forms of the addition angle towards the south, flooding the 2nd floor rear apartment with light while mimicking the rhythm of adjacent row homes. These forms reduce the overall mass of the structure into volumes more recognizable to the neighborhood.

We helped our clients navigate the BMZA (Baltimore Municipal Zoning Appeals) process to achieve greater than 100% lot coverage in an R8 zone (by code, limited to 80%) by utilizing the existing structure and cantilevering the 2nd floor rear apartment into the public right of way. The original brick end-of-row corner store was renovated to its original glory, including new storefront windows and the restoration of the original detailing. New gooseneck sconces light up the street, creating a safer corner that the entire community benefits from. Natural wood is used to join the three distinct parts of the house: old, new and the connecting stair tower. The project compensates for the lack of a yard with a rooftop deck with views of downtown and beyond.

Our clients honored the history of the building – as The Foam Centre – with an incredible mural by Chicago artist Kate Lynn Lewis.

Architecture by EastWing Architects
Construction by GRM LLC
Photography by Chris Bavaria