Wilde Lake

Columbia, Maryland

Originally designed by renowned DC Architect Hugh Newell Jacobsen under the patronage of celebrated developer James Rouse, this tiered lakefront townhome was well-loved by its owners who dreamt of a modern, open concept renovation maximizing views of the lake. It was to be non-negotiable that the design be faithful to the spirit of Jacobsen’s work – “deliberately sparse and linear” with light a primary material.

Structurally, the home was originally designed to incorporate three zones on each floor, with bearing walls running perpendicular to the party walls, minimizing the joist spans and floor depths. This presented a challenge when attempting to remove these walls, a problem solved with the insertion of a new steel floor structure, discreetly hidden save for one exposed column. All interior walls were removed from the living space, railings were replaced with frameless glass, and a new 17’ wide sliding door was added to the rear wall. These moves enabled totally unrestricted views from the courtyard garden at the entry, through the home and out towards the lake beyond.

Glossy white cabinets, polished stone, minimal trim, and slender stainless-steel accents create a luminous effect inside the home – accentuating the sublime light captured in Jacobsen’s courtyard garden. Altogether, the home gives the impression of a modern gallery whose main attraction is Wilde Lake herself.

Architecture by EastWing Architects

Interiors by EastWing & Reidy Creative

Photography by Derek & Vee