Roland Avenue

Hampden Modern

This project pushes the boundary of what is possible within the constraints of a classic Baltimore rowhome. At less than 12’ wide and 50’ deep with an east-west orientation, natural light was scarce in this compact home. However, an incredibly deep above grade basement presented an exciting opportunity.

Our client challenged us to create a bright, gallery-inspired home organized around a central library for their impressive book collection. To achieve brightness, we created a new opening in the rear masonry wall to accommodate a 9’ folding door, raised the previously low ceiling and added reflective surfaces wherever possible – high gloss cabinetry and terrazzo tile – to draw even more light into the space. In the basement, the rear wall has been replaced with a garage door that disappears above the ceiling. Both floors open to a 2-story tigerwood deck, blurring the lines between interior and exterior whether open or closed. A remote-controlled shade device blocks the bright, morning sun when necessary.

The spine of the home, a bookshelf over 30’ tall and mono-stringer stair emphasizes the unique verticality of the property – a perspective rarely possible in a narrow rowhome. The stair leads to an open office space on the upper level, four newly installed solar-powered skylights flood the floor with light.

The basement contains a hotel-like bedroom suite, the home’s utilities, laundry and additional living space.

The crisp, minimal finishes, white walls, and clean edges create a museum-like atmosphere that compliments the owner’s vintage poster collection and extensive home library. Ample power, automated systems, and clever storage makes this home as efficient as it is beautiful.

Architecture by Old Line Architects (Evan Wivell as Subcontractor). Interiors by EastWing Architects

Construction by Studnicki Construction

Photography by Derek & Vee